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Section 2: Member Information

​​​​In the first part of Section 2 of the Membership Renewal Form, you must provide general information about yourself.Click on a field below for information about how to complete each item in this section, as well as information about supporting documents that you may need to submit depending on your circumstances.

Last name, First name, Middle name(s)

Has your name changed since you last provided this information to the College?

If your last or first name has changed, you must submit both of the following additional documents with your completed Membership Renewal Form:

  1. Sections 1, 2, and 6, completed in full, of the Change of Information Form,and
  2. A copy of one of the following documents as proof of your name change:*
  • Marriage certificate
  • Change of name certificate that legally changed your name
  • Court order that legally changed your name

*The document you provide must include your previous name(s) and new name(s).

Common first name

Provide your preferred first name. This is the name that you commonly use as an RECE. The information is included on the College’s pu​blic register.

Registration number

This is the unique, five-digit number assigned to your Certificate of Registration. It is also sometimes referred to as the College of Early Childhood Educators number (CECE#) or membership number. The number can be found on your Certificate of Registration, Renewal Notice and on the College’s public register.

Renewal due date
For most members, the renewal due date is the annual anniversary of the date on which your Certificate of Registration was issued. Your due date can be found on your Renewal Notice.
Home address

Provide your complete address including city, province/territory/state, country, and postal code. Submission of an incomplete address may result in a failure to receive packages and documents from the College.

Home telephone number

Provide your complete and correct home telephone number, including area code.

Mobile telephone number
Provide your complete and correct mobile (cell phone) number, including area code.

Section 2 also asks you to provide your preferences for your communications from the College. The College communicates with members in different ways, including in writing by mail or e-mail, and by telephone. Members must provide information about their preferences related to communications from the College. Click on a field below for information about how to complete the item.

Preferred mailing address
  • Indicate whether your preferred mailing address is your home or business address.
Preferred e-mail address
  • Provide the current and correct e-mail address that you most frequently use to receive communications from the College. Since the College may send you e-mails that contain your personal information, the e-mail address must be one that only you can access.
Preferred language of communication
  • Select English or French according to your preference. You will receive documents and communication from the College in your selected language.

The last part of Section 2 asks you to provide certain information that the College collects for statistical purposes to enhance its understanding of the diversity of the College’s membership and of other issues related to the profession (e.g., workforce composition). The College may share aggregate information with third parties. The College will not share individual information unless required by law. Click on a field below for information about how to complete the item.

  • Check the box that best corresponds to your gender. The College’s by-laws require that members provide this information to the College.
Indigenous heritage
  • Check this box if you self-identify with Indigenous heritage. It is optional for members to provide this information to the College.
  • Check this box if you consider yourself to be Francophone. It is optional for members to provide this information to the College.
Personal Identification

Please submit a copy of the government issued identification as proof of your identity. Documents must be in either English or French and include:

  • your full name, and
  • date of birth

 Example of documents include but are not limited to:

  • Canadian Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (front and back)
  • Canadian Citizenship Card (front and back)
  • Certificate of Indian Status Card (front and back)
  • Canadian Passport 
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence in Canada
  • Permanent Resident Card for Canada
  • Record of Landing
  • Canadian Driver’s License or photo card
  • Other type of documents (passports for international applicants, Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) documentation for refugees, alternative documents, etc.

*The College cannot accept health cards as identification.  

The College does not use this information to determine your preferred language of communication with the College. You are to indicate your preferences in the questions below related to communications from the College.