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Employer resources

Code and Standards

Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) are required to practice according to the College’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.



Quarterly newsletters are sent to employers via e-mail. The newsletters contain useful resources and articles relevant to the profession. Read the past issues of our newsletter here. 


Bulletins are intended to provide you with important updates. They include information on the use of protected titles and designations, mandatory employer reporting and using the public register to find out if an RECE is in good standing with the College.


Annual report

The College produces an annual report to highlight our work and achievements in regulating the profession and protecting children and families. You’ll find our annual reports here.


These posters highlight the role of RECEs, the importance of having regulated professionals in early learning and care, the professional standards RECEs must follow and what to do if you have a concern about an RECE.



Professional advisories

These advisories are developed for RECEs and communicate the important legal requirements that RECEs must know and understand as part of their practice.


The Resource and Reflection Guide for the Professional Advisory on the Duty to Report supports RECEs’ understanding of the importance of reporting concerns related to the safety and well-being of a child.

Practice resources

Practice guidelines, practice notes and case studies are developed to support RECEs in their practice approach.



Practice guidelines communicate the expectations of RECEs as outlined in the Code and Standards, and how those expectations might be applied in practice.


Practice notes present a brief overview of important topics within the profession and provide supporting information to strengthen the reader’s understanding of those topics.

Reflection Guides

To deepen RECEs’ thinking and understanding of beliefs and biases, here is a Reflection Guide.

To facilitate RECEs’ reflection and discussion about various situations potentially involving a duty to report, explore this Reflection Guide.

Case studies and scenarios

Case studies and scenarios describe real experiences of RECEs in various practice settings and provide readers with opportunities for reflection and discussion.


Leadership Pilot Projects (2015–2017) were a government-funded program developed for RECEs to enhance their leadership capacity.

Exploring interprofessional collaboration resulted in this joint resource (2017), developed as a result of a shared research project with the Ontario College of Teachers. It highlights the ethical standards of practice for both professions as educators work together to support early learning.