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Code and Standards

Thumbnail of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice PublicationThe new pdf icon Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice came into effect on July 1, 2017. All registered early childhood educators (RECEs) were mailed a copy. The 2017 edition replaces the original version, published in 2011.

The new Code and Standards reflects many significant changes the profession has undergone since 2011. It places greater emphasis on leadership, relationships, well-being, learning environments, current pedagogical approaches and the value of communication and collaboration. It also provides more clarity on use of the protected title, the duty to report and dual relationships, and addresses the use of technology.

The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice sets out the professional knowledge, skills, values and expectations applicable to all registered early childhood educators (RECEs) regardless of role and the setting in which they may practise. It also communicates to RECEs and the public the scope and nature of the profession. As regulated professionals, RECEs are expected to act with integrity and adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice at all times within their workplace and the community.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics sets out the ethical values that guide the professional practice of RECEs. The ethics are:


  1. Responsibilities to Children
  2. Responsibilities to Families
  3. Responsibilities to Colleagues and to the Profession
  4. Responsibilities to the Community and to the Public

Standards of Practice

The Standards of Practice outline the expectations regarding knowledge, skills and actions in six key areas. The standards are:

Standard I:  Caring and Responsive Relationships
Standard II:  Curriculum and Pedagogy
Standard III:  Safety, Health and Well-Being in the Learning Environment
Standard IV:  Professionalism and Leadership
Standard V:  Professional Boundaries, Dual Relationships and Conflicts of Interest
Standard VI:  Confidentiality, Release of Information and Duty to Report

If you have any questions about the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice or any inquiries related to the practice of registered early childhood educators, please contact the Professional Practice Department at practice@college-ece.ca.