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Centering Equity

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The work of the College and the decisions we make affect thousands of RECEs, and through them, hundreds of thousands of children and families across Ontario.

We are committed to embedding equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging into all aspects of our work, as a critical part of our responsibility to regulate a diverse profession in the public interest, and to help ensure that education and child care are founded on respect for each child’s uniqueness, their dignity and potential, and their traditional languages and cultures.

On this page, we share information and College resources to support the ongoing learning and unlearning of RECEs, sector partners, parents and others, and aid in the development of learning environments that are inclusive, equitable and culturally responsive.

Land Acknowledgment

The College acknowledges that our organization and profession is part of a colonial system. We are all living, working, learning and playing on the traditional territories of many Indigenous nations.

Canada’s mistreatment of the original inhabitants of this land has caused immeasurable harm, and these impacts continue to reverberate through present and future generations. The College acknowledges that there is much more that we need to do to as an organization to learn, unlearn and challenge the legacies of colonialism, racism and discrimination faced by First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. Read more.

Statement of Commitment to Anti-racism

The College is committed to embedding anti-racism into all of our work. We acknowledge this ongoing effort is necessary to fulfil our responsibility of regulating a diverse profession in the interest of all children and families in Ontario. This is consistent with our values of integrity, fairness, inclusion and respect. Read our full Statement of Commitment to Anti-Racism here.

Resources & Articles

We encourage all RECEs and stakeholders to undertake their own journey of learning and unlearning, and actively explore meaningful ways to integrate perspectives or practices into their environments that help address discrimination and barriers in all forms.


The College regularly develops and publishes resources to support RECEs in their ongoing professional learning. Resources with content specific to equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging include:

Other resources that may help RECEs centre equity in their practice include: