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Unregulated Persons

On occasion, individuals who are not early childhood educators claim that they are. This is illegal. Only registered members of the College of Early Childhood Educators can legally practise the profession of early childhood education and use the protected titles “registered early childhood educator” (RECE), “early childhood educator” (ECE) and their French equivalents.

The College’s online public register is the only accurate way to verify an individual’s current membership status. Parents and employers should always check the public register to verify an individual’s registration status with the College. The public register can be accessed online from anywhere, any time.

The following individuals are not members of the College. This means that they cannot legally practise the profession of early childhood education or use the protected titles “registered early childhood educator” (RECE) or “early childhood educator” (ECE) or their French equivalents. If you have information to suggest that they, or anyone else, are doing so, please contact the College at discipline@college-ece.ca or by phone at 416-961-8558 or toll-free: 1 888 961-8558 and choose Professional Regulation Department from the phone menu.


Alexis Anderson – Scarborough, ON

Indu Balachandran – York, ON

Belinda Bernardo – Peel, ON

Michelle Byrne – East York, ON

Heather Clark – London, ON

Samantha Agnes Crawford – Scarborough and Toronto, ON

Nathalie Duenas Zeta – Toronto, ON

Meagan Fong – Ottawa, ON

Trish Fordham – Barrie, ON

Donna Lewis-Heard – Milton, ON

Rosemary Lloyd – Peel, ON

Tania Theresa Mariotti – Sudbury, ON

Huda Merchant – Whitby, Woodbridge, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington, ON

Keetrie Moosa – Markham, ON

Emilija (Emily) Nikolic – Kitchener and Toronto, ON

Emma Palmer – Guelph, ON

Oriel Ramcharran –Toronto, ON

Gail Marie Sousa (nee Hazlett) – York, ON

Yvonne Tumabil – Toronto, ON

Last revised July 22, 2022