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CPL Audit FAQs

1. How are members selected for an audit of CPL Program records?
Generally, eligible members will be selected at random; however the Registrar does have the authority to request information and documents from a member to demonstrate their compliance at any time. There may be circumstances in which a member may be selected specifically for an audit.
2. How many members will be selected for an audit?
Each year the Registrar will determine the number of members to be selected for an audit of CPL Program records.
3. How will I be notified if I am selected for an audit of my CPL records?
If you are selected for an audit of your CPL Program records, you will receive a notice from the College by email and by mail.
4. Which CPL Program records will I be required to submit?
All members must keep the following CPL records for at least four years and make them available to the College if requested to submit them:

  • Expectations for Practice Module Certificate of Completion
  • Self-Assessment Tool
  • Professional Learning Plan
  • Record of Professional Learning
  • Documentation or evidence of participation in learning activities
5. What formats will the College accept for submission of CPL Program records?
The College will accept CPL records in hard copy or electronically. Members selected for an audit will be provided with instructions for submitting documents to the College. Members are advised not to submit original documents to the College, as they will not be returned.

The College is committed to supporting the learning needs and styles of all RECEs and may accept the use of alternative formats in the completion of the portfolio components. Please contact the College for more information.

6. How long will I have, to submit my CPL Program records?
Members who are selected for an audit will have 30 days to submit their documents to the College.
7. What will happen if I miss the 30 day due date for submitting my CPL Program records?
The Registrar will issue a Notice of Intention to Suspend your Certificate of Registration. You may still submit your CPL Program records within 60 days of this notice.
8. What happens if I am selected for an audit and I do not submit completed CPL Program records to the College?
Members who do not submit their complete CPL program records within 30 days will be deemed to be in non-compliance with CPL program requirements and will be sent a Notice of Intention to Suspend their Certificate of Registration. The suspension will be carried out after 60 days if the member fails to provide the required documents.
9. Will I receive a grade or evaluation of my CPL Program records?
The College will take an educational approach when auditing member’s CPL records, providing remedial feedback to members, as needed.
10. How long do I need to keep my CPL records?
All members must keep their CPL program records for at least four years. At any time, the Registrar may request that members submit their CPL program records to the College to confirm compliance or for an audit of their records.

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