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Sexual Abuse Prevention Program FAQs

Why is the College introducing a sexual abuse prevention program now?
The new Sexual Abuse Prevention Program for College members is launching in 2022, as mandated by the provincial government. The new program builds on the skills and knowledge registered early childhood educators (RECEs) already have in this area and provides an opportunity to reinforce the position of trust they have with families and their community in terms of child protection.
How will RECEs be trained on sexual abuse prevention?

The College has established a thorough and engaging sexual abuse prevention program for RECEs. Below highlights key elements of the education program.

  • Online, Interactive Education: Starting summer 2022, the College will offer online member education in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P), a national charity dedicated to the safety of children. The goal of the educational program is to expand RECE knowledge with practical information to help enhance child safety.
  • Webinars: In early 2022, the College will host webinars to give members an opportunity to hear more about the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program and ask questions directly to those developing and managing it.
  • Continuous Professional Learning (CPL): The launch of the College’s Sexual Abuse Prevention Program also marks changes to the College’s CPL program. In spring 2022, a new simplified CPL portfolio approach will be unveiled. Information will be shared once approved by Council.
  • Ongoing Communications: Throughout 2022, the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program will be featured in the Connexions and Employer newsletters and on the College’s website.
Describe the online member education program.

The online learning includes two modules: Commit to Kids and Teatree Tells, developed by the Center for Child Protection, along with resources developed by the College specific to the practice of early childhood education in Ontario. The educational program will build on the skills and knowledge RECEs already have in sexual abuse prevention and equip them to apply it in their work. The program will be available in summer 2022. The College will provide sexual abuse prevention educational materials on a monthly basis leading up to the online education.