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CPL Program 2022

The CPL Program 2022 came into effect July 1, 2022 with new program requirements as outlined in the Notice of Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Program Requirements, 2022.

To find out when you start the CPL Program 2022:

If you have questions, please contact cpl@college-ece.ca.

Members registered with the College prior to July 1, 2022
You must complete the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program within one year following your next renewal after July 2022 (e.g., renew October 2022, program completion required by October 2023).

The Sexual Abuse Prevention Program is accessible through My College Account. For information, instructions and support click here

New and reinstating members as of July 1, 2022
In your first year of membership, you’re required to complete:

After your first renewal, you’re required to complete the One-Year CPL Portfolio Cycle 2022 before your next renewal date.

One-Year CPL Portfolio Cycle
All members have access to the new CPL Portfolio Cycle 2022 components and resources.

Please note that completing the One-Year CPL Portfolio 2022 is optional during the year you are completing the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program. Beginning July 2023, all renewing members will start the One-Year CPL Portfolio Cycle upon renewal.

Graphic image to summarize the revised CPL program. In the blue box on the left, text displays "Educational Components". First bullet reads "Expectations for Practice Module". Second bullet reads "Sexual Abuse Prevention Program". In a pink box on the right, text displays "CPL Portfolio Cycle".

Why ongoing learning?

RECEs are competent and capable professionals who engage in self-reflection and self-directed learning. Participation in ongoing learning:

  • Demonstrates RECEs’ professionalism and leadership in early childhood education
  • Supports their ethical and professional responsibility to enhance knowledge about current research and practice, and develops their competencies
  • Builds their confidence, competence, and capacity to practise in the best interest of children and families;
    Promotes a culture of growth and advancement of the profession

CPL Program 2022 Webinar

Watch this webinar for details related to your CPL Program 2022 requirements and CPL Portfolio Cycle 2022 process.

Download the presentation slides (PDF) here.

Requests for Deferral

Members may be granted a deferral of their CPL Program requirements if there are extenuating circumstances (e.g., parental or disability leave) that significantly interfere with their ability to comply with CPL Program requirements.

To submit a deferral request or get more information, log into My College Account and click on the Continuous Professional Learning tab.