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"RECEs understand that strong, positive relationships contribute to healthy child development and are necessary for children’s well-being and learning. Building and maintaining caring and responsive relationships with children, families and colleagues is fundamental to the practice of RECEs." (Standard I: A, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice)

The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice provides the foundation of practice for all Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs). As the profession evolves, it's important to continually revisit the Code and Standards to ensure you understand your professional and ethical responsibilities and reflect on how you’re​ applying them in your daily practice. ​​

February marks the launch of a bi-monthly series focused on each Standard. This page will provide you with new resources, webinars led by subject matter leaders, videos, and more to inspire thinking and reinforce the following important practice elements:

  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Learning Environments
  • Pedagogical Approaches
  • Communication and Collaboration​

​Snapshot of Standard 1​​

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