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CPL Portfolio Examples and Snapshots​

The examples and snapshots of CPL Portfolios show how RECEs, in a variety of roles with a range of experience, may choose to complete the CPL Portfolio components. The examples and snapshots are fictional and do not depict real people or events. They have been designed to support and inspire RECEs as they complete their own CPL Portfolio.​



 These are examples of CPL Portfolios highlighting Year One of the 
 two-year cycle. ​

 Each example includes a completed:​​

  • Self-Assessment Tool​​
  • Profe​ssional Learning Plan
  • Record of Process​ional Learning ​​​


 These are short, one-page snapshots​​ t​hat summarize one completed 
 goal from a CPL Portfolio.  

 Each snapshot features:

  • One goal identified through the Self-Assessment Tool
  • Several professional learning activities from the Professional Learning Plan
  • Documentation of activities and next steps from the Record of Professional Learning​


CPL Resources

Consider using these resources as you complete your CPL Portfolio process and engage in professional learning activities.

​​CPL Portfolio Handbook

The CPL Portfolio H​andbook is an instructional guidebook to support RECEs in completing the required components of the CPL Portfolio. The portfolio​ components are included at the back of the handbook.​​​

Reflective Practice and Self-Directed Learning

This resource supports RECEs in understanding two important aspects of professional practice—reflective practice and self-directed learning. Reflective practice and self-directed learning are fundamental to the CPL program.

CPL-Resourrce-Communities of Practice-EN.jpg​ 

​​Communities of Practice ​​

​Communities of practice is a continuous professional learning activity.  Have you considered joining a community of practice to help you reach your CPL goals?​​



Mentoring is a continuous professional learning activity that can help you reach your goals through the CPL Portfolio process.​​


Receiving Copies of CPL Portfolio Handbook

All RECEs are mailed a copy of the CPL Portfolio Handbook​ in the month that they renew for CPL Portfolio Cycle: Year One.

You can also download for free a copy of the document here.

Printed copies of the publication are available for $5.00 plus shipping. To order copies, please complete this order form​.​​


Introduction to the CPL Portfolio Cycle Webinar

Wondering how to get started? Have a question not answered in the frequently asked q​uestions​The College offers webinars* every month to members who are about to renew their membership, to help them get started and to answer their questions. 

Check your email email during your renewal month for further information.​

* Webinars are not mandatory to attend.

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​CPL Activities Web

The CPL Activities Web outl​ines examples of continuous professional learning activities. Members can use this chart as a helpful guide when creating their Professional Learning Plan and Record of Professional Learning.​


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