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Practice Note on Child Development

Practice Notes support Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) in understanding and applying the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice (2017) by examining a specific topic and providing practice guidance.
Being able to understand and support healthy child development and well-being is foundational to an RECE’s professional practice and reflects their unique expertise. This responsibility is embedded in the profession’s scope of practice described in the Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007, which states that an ECE’s practice is “the planning and delivery of inclusive play-based learning and care programs for children in order to promote the well-being and holistic development of children.”
Three colleagues in a meeting.
RECEs understand that strong, positive relationships contribute to healthy child development and are necessary for children’s well-being and learning. Building and maintaining caring and responsive relationships with children, families and colleagues is fundamental to the practice of RECEs (Standard I: A).

There are three sections in this Practice Note — start with whichever topic area catches your interest:

Supporting child development: RECEs’ responsibilities Common child development domains in practice Ongoing learning to promote child development