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Funding For Therapy

The College of Early Childhood Educators (the College) supports children and their families if there has been an allegation of sexual abuse or child pornography by a registered early childhood educator (RECE). Funding is available for children and their families for costs associated with therapy or counselling in relation to the abuse.

The format of this program, including what funding the College can provide and who it can give funding to, is set out in the Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007, and its Regulations.

For a child and/or their family to be eligible to receive funding from the College:

  1. The College must have received a complaint or report alleging that an RECE sexually abused the child or committed a prohibited act involving child pornography involving the child. You can learn more about the Complaints process, including how to file a complaint, here. The College can receive reports from employers regarding concerns about RECEs. For example, if an RECE was fired or suspended for reasons of professional misconduct, the employer has to make a report to the College.
  1. The RECE must have been a member of the College at the time of the alleged abuse.
  1. There must have been a connection between the allegations and the RECE’s professional practice, including if
    • The RECE supervised the child at the time;
    • The RECE was responsible for the child at the time;
    • The RECE’s practice facilitated their relationship with the child; and
    • The RECE’s practice facilitated their access to the child

The child must apply for funding, or a parent or guardian can apply on their behalf.

If you believe you or your child may be eligible, please contact fft@college-ece.ca. A College staff member will respond to find a time that works for you to see if you or your child meet the three eligibility criteria listed above. They can also direct you towards supports that may help you with this process. You will not be required to move forward with this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does eligibility depend on the outcome of the complaint or report?

No. Eligibility can be determined (and funding can be provided) during the College’s investigation or discipline process, or afterwards.

Children and families do not need to wait for the College’s investigation or discipline process to finish, and the outcome of those processes have no impact on eligibility. This means that funding can be provided whether or not the allegations against the RECE have been or are ever proved in a hearing.

What expenses can the College fund?

The College can fund:

  • Therapy or counselling
  • Services to access therapy or counselling
  • Drugs prescribed by a regulated health professional to address symptoms related to the alleged abuse
  • Medicinal substances recommended by a regulated health professional or by an Indigenous healer or Elder to address symptoms related to the alleged abuse

Funding can be provided for the child. It can also be provided for their parents, guardians and/or siblings to access services that are needed to support the child.

If another form of coverage (eg OHIP, other insurance, etc.) is available for these services, the College cannot provide funding. However, the College will fund the difference if the costs are only partly covered by other means.

How much funding is available?

A Government of Ontario formula determines the maximum funding that the College can pay for all eligible expenses for a child and all eligible family members/guardians.

The amount is currently about $17,000 but is subject to change.

The College will tell you the exact amount of funding available if it approves your application.

How is funding provided?

Children and families can be reimbursed for eligible expenses they have already paid, including some select expenses from before their application was approved by the College. They will need to provide proof of their expenses. 

There are some expenses that the College can pay directly to the service provider if the applicant prefers and the service provider agrees.

Is there a time limit?

An application can be made at any time.

When an application is approved, a time limit will be set and the applicant will be informed.

If the child has not yet received therapy/counselling, the time limit will be at least 10 years. If the child received therapy/counselling in the past, the time limit will be at least 10 years from the time that therapy/counselling began. The time limit may be longer depending on the age of the child when the application is approved.

Some expenses that were incurred before an application is approved can be reimbursed.

If the College provides funding, can it be taken back or clawed back?

No. When the College provides funding to an eligible child for eligible expenses, that payment is final.