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Section 2: Changing Personal Information

Only complete this section if you are making a change to your personal information in any of the fields in this section. Leave this section blank if there are no changes to your personal information.​

  • Last name, First name – If your first or last name currently on file with the College has changed you must indicate the change on the Change of Information Form and submit a photocopy of a proof of name change document. The College cannot proceed with changing your name on file until it receives the required documentation.

What documentation does the College accept as proof of name change?

  • ​Submit a copy of one of the following documents as proof of your name change:*
    • Marriage certificate
    • Change of name certificate that legally changed your name
    • Court order that legally changed your name* The document you provide must include your previous name(s) and new name(s).​​
  • C​ommon first name – Your common name is your preferred first name that you commonly use as an RECE. If there is a change to your common name, indicate it on the Change of Information Form. Your common name is included on the College’s public register.
  • Gender – Only complete this field if you would like to change the information about your gender that the College has on file for you.*

* Why does the College ask members for information about their gender?

    • The College’s by-laws require that members provide this information to the College.
    • ​The College collects certain information from members, including gender, for statistical purposes to enhance its understanding of the diversity of the College’s membership and of other issues related to the profession (e.g., workforce composition). The College may share aggregate information with third parties. The College will not share individual information unless required by law.
  • New home address – If your home address has changed, indicate your new home address with all relevant details, including the effective date of the new address. Submission of an incomplete address may result in a failure to receive important information from the College. ​​
  • New home telephone number – If your home telephone number has changed, provide your new home number, including area code.
  • New mobile telephone number – If your mobile (cell phone) number has changed, provide your new mobile number, including area code.

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