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Requirement 1: Completing the Membership Renewal Form

The first requirement for renewal is to complete and submit the Membership Renewal Form, along with supporting documentation as applicable.​

If you are paying by credit card or through your bank:you may renew online once you have received an email from the College with a customized link. You will receive a personal link to My College Account approximately two months before your renewal is due.

If you are paying by cheque / money order / bank draft:complete the Membership Renewal Form.

Are you completing the correct version of the Membership Renewal Form?

  •  The correct version of the form is the version that is currently posted on the College’s website.

Why does the College revise its forms?

  • The College revises its forms in order to keep them up-to-date.
    Trends emerge in regulation that the College considers important to address in its operations. For example, in recent years, there has been growing expectation for regulators to enhance clarity in their communications.
  • Changes are made to the College’s regulatory activities and programs. For example, certain forms need to be updated now that the Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) program is mandatory for all members.
  • Issues emerge in the field related to professional conduct that the College has determined are important to monitor to help serve and protect children and families.
  • Stakeholders, including members, provide the College with feedback on its forms. The College appreciates the feedback and strives to incorporate the feedback wherever possible.

There are eight sections of the Membership Renewal Form. The next several web pages provide information about each section, including instructions about what supporting documentation needs to be submitted along with your completed renewal form.

You can complete the Membership Renewal Form electronically or in writing. Click on the headings below for steps to complete the form electronically or in writing.

How to complete the form electronically
  • Save a blank copy of the form to your computer.
  • Open the saved blank copy and enter your information in each section.
  • Save the completed copy.
  • Submit the completed copy to the College (instructions for how to submit your completed form are provided later in this guide).
How to complete the form in writing
  • Save the form
  • Open the PDF
  • Print a blank copy of the form
  • Write your responses in each section. Please use pen and write clearly and neatly.
  • Submit the completed form to the College (instructions for how to submit your completed form are provided later in this guide.

Important: You must complete each section in full. If any section is not completed fully, your renewal will not be processed until you provide all of the required information, with supporting documents as applicable.


  • When members do not provide a completed Membership Renewal Form with supporting documents as applicable, by their renewal due date, the College initiates a process to suspend the member’s Certificate of Registration for failure to provide information. Members whose Certificate of Registration is suspended are not permitted to practise the profession until they clear the suspension.