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​CECE Supports Province’s New Early Learning Program: Children to Benefit with Early Childhood Educators in the Classroom

TORONTO, Oct. 28 – The College of Early Childhood Educators (the College) supports the Ontario Provincial Government’s announcement to begin phasing in full-day learning for four and five year old children with the presence of registered early childhood educators in each Early Learning Program classroom in the Province beginning in September 2010. The Premier’s plan provides a comprehensive learning model that recognizes the valued role that registered early childhood educators have in early childhood education as qualified, regulated professionals.

As recommended by Dr. Pascal, a team of both early childhood educators and teachers works best for an Early Learning Program. “We are pleased to see early childhood education move forward in Ontario with the combined strength of a team of both early childhood educators and teachers as recommended by Dr. Pascal.” said Lois Mahon, President of the Council of the College. “With registered early childhood educators in the classrooms, children will get the full benefit of education during these critical early years.”

Early childhood educators have a unique skill set that includes assessing children’s developmental needs and stages in all developmental domains; designing curriculum to address children’s identified needs, stages of development and interests; planning programs and environments for play and activities that help children make developmental progress; and maintaining healthy emotional and social learning contexts for children.

Children in Ontario will benefit from the earlier start on learning, increasing their educational and social development opportunities, which in turn strengthens Ontario’s future. The College looks forward to working with the Provincial government as the full day learning program is implemented across Ontario, and participating in the consultation process.

The legislation to create the College of Early Childhood Educators was passed in 2007 by the Government of Ontario. Early childhood educators work in a variety of settings including, but not limited to: infant, toddler and preschool (including child care and nursery school) programs.