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Phasing out of membership cards

Nov 21, 2016

As of 2017, the College of Early Childhood Educators will no longer issue pocket-sized membership cards to new members and members who renew their membership. Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) who wish to obtain proof of membership for themselves or their employer will need to use the College’s online public register. This is the only reliable and accurate way to prove their current membership status.

Importance of the public table
The information on the public register comes directly from the College’s internal database, which means that changes to RECE membership are made as their file is processed. The public roll is the fastest and most accurate way for new members or renewing members to confirm and prove their current membership status. It can be viewed online anywhere and anytime.

For more details, visit the public table page of our website.

Importance of protecting your professional status
The RECE designation is an achievement recognized by parents, educators, and early learning and child care stakeholders across the province. In the eyes of all, this is proof that you are a member of the Order and that you are a qualified professional. The public roll protects your designation by preventing anyone from posing as an RECE to their employers, co-workers and families.

Proof of membership for employment purposes
The College is working with Ontario employers and the Ministry of Education to advise them of the phase-out of membership cards.
Currently, we are advising licensees and employers so that they understand that the public register should henceforth be considered the one and only proof of current membership and that it can be updated at any time.

Consult the public table