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Participating in the CPL program after September 1

Aug 31, 2016

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The College of Early Childhood Educators will begin to enforce the Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) regulation as of September 1, 2016. This regulation makes continuous professional learning mandatory for all College members. The CPL program was developed to complement and formalize the ongoing professional learning many registered early childhood educators (RECEs) already do. Participating in CPL demonstrates to employers, families, colleagues and the public that RECEs are current in their skills, knowledge and practice.

Members who renew their membership on or after September 1 will begin participating in the CPL program by completing the Expectations for Practice Module 2016, available for free on the College’s website. The module has been updated so all members must complete the new version. RECEs will have one year from their renewal date to complete the module.

In the following year, RECEs will begin their CPL Portfolio. RECEs can review the chart here to find out when they need to begin their CPL portfolio. RECEs will be required to declare that they have participated in the CPL program and have met the requirements for that year when they renew their membership. RECEs will not need to send their module completion certificate or portfolio components to the College, but will be required to keep copies of their records for six years in the event that the College requests them.

RECEs can begin reading the CPL Portfolio Handbook to become familiar with the two year portfolio cycle, and read examples of how to complete the three portfolio components.

These components are as follows:
1. Self-Assessment Tool
2. Professional Learning Plan
3. Record of Professional Learning

The CPL program has been designed to facilitate self-reflection while making connections to ethical and professional responsibilities outlined in the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. It also supports RECEs to direct their own learning. Self-directed learning is a process in which RECEs decide what they need and want to learn, what their goals are and what actions they need to take to achieve those goals. This process provides RECEs with full control and ownership over their learning experiences.

Find out more information about the CPL program here.