​Approval of Education Programs

​​​​​​There are different ways that individuals can meet the education requirement for registration. One of the ways is to complete a program approved by the College. Under the Registration Regulation, the College has the authority to approve certain types of post-secondary programs for equivalency to the current standard that is used for the education requirement for registration. The current standard is a two-year diploma program in early childhood education from an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology. 

Graduates of an approved program are considered to meet the education requirement for registration with the College.  

A current list of approved programs can be found on the College’s Education Programs list. ​

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Interested in Applying?​​

If your institution is interested in applying for program approval, please review the Approval of Education Programs Policy and the FAQs before submitting an application to ensure eligibility. ​​​​


​​​Education Program Application Package​​


If you can’t find th​e answer to your question or need clarification regarding the review process, contact us by email at education-programs@college-ece.ca​​.