Requirement 2: Gathering Supporting Documents

​​The second requirement under Application Pathway 1 is to gather and make arrangements for submitting the supporting documents that are required in addition to your completed General Application Form.

As noted in Section 3 of the General Application Form, several supporting documents are needed in order to for the College to assess your application and make a decision about whether to issue you a Certificate of Registration. These include:

  • Items you must submit directly to the College in order for the College to open an application file for you and begin the application process.
  • Supporting documents that you must send to the College, some of which all applicants must submit and others that must be submitted if applicable to your circumstances.
  • Supporting documents you must arrange to be sent directly from another institution to the College, some of which must be arranged by all applicants and others that must be arranged for submission if applicable to your circumstances.

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There are exceptional circumstances that mean that I cannot obtain the original, official documentation that the College requires. What do I do?

  • ​The College has practices in place to accommodate applicants in rare, unique, exceptional circumstances. For information about the criteria and procedure for accepting alternative documentation, see the College's Policy Regarding Unavailable Documents.