Council Committees

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Statutory Committees 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the implementation of policy and administration of College affairs.  The Executive Committee has all the powers of the Council, except the power to make, amend or revoke regulations or by-laws, between Council meetings.

Elected Members: Kristine Parsons RECE, Laura Urso RECE, CeCil Kim RECE, Teresa Sulowski RECE

Public Members: Pamela Carkner, Gen Breton 


Complaints Committee

The Complaints Committee considers and investigates written complaints regarding the conduct or actions of members of the College and determines the appropriate action to be taken, which may include referral to the Discipline Committee or the Fitness to Practise Committee for a hearing.

Elected Members: Tricia Doyle RECE, Kim Cole RECE, Lindsey Dann RECE, Richard Stronach RECE

Public Members: Mary Broga, Pamela Carkner, Cindy Harrison 


Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee hears matters, in a hearing which is generally open to the public, directed or referred to it by the Complaints Committee, Council or Executive Committee regarding allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence on the part of members of the College, and determines if a member of the College is guilty of professional misconduct or is incompetent.

Elected Members: Julie Cyr RECE, Millicent (Millie) Forbes RECE, Yalin Gorica RECE, Paul Jackson RECE, CeCil Kim RECE, Stacee Stevenson RECE

Public Members: Garry Bates, Gen Breton, Ulana Pahuta, Barney Savage

Fitness to Practise Committee

The Fitness to Practise Committee hears matters directed or referred to it by the Complaints Committee, Council or Executive Committee regarding allegations of incapacity on the part of members of the College, and, after a hearing which is generally closed to the public, determine if a member of the College is incapacitated because the member is, in the  Committee's opinion, suffering from a physical or mental condition or disorder such that the member is unfit to continue to carry out his or her professional responsibilities or the member's Certificate of Registration should be made subject to terms, conditions or limitations.

Elected Members: Julie Cyr RECE, Millicent (Millie) Forbes RECE, Yalin Gorica RECE, Paul Jackson RECE, CeCil Kim RECE, Stacee Stevenson RECE

Public Members: Garry Bates, Gen Breton, Ulana Pahuta, Barney Savage


Registration Appeals Committee

The Registration Appeals Committee is responsible for reviewing registration applications at the request of applicants once the Registrar has proposed to refuse to issue a Certificate of Registration.

Elected Members: Yalin Gorica RECE, Richard Stronach RECE, Laura Urso RECE

Public Members: Mary Broga, Ulana Pahuta


Non-Statutory Committees

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee advises Council on the development of policies that relate to the registration of members of the College and the development of processes to assess and approve educational programs and to assess the educational qualifications of individuals.  The Committee does not review individual applications for registration and does not make decisions on applications of individuals who are applying for registration.

Elected Members: Kim Cole RECE, Tricia Doyle RECE, Stacee Stevenson RECE

Public Members​: Adesua Ezeokafor, Cindy Harrison, Shernett Martin

Non-Council Committee Members:  Cyndy Jefferson RECE, Lois Mahon RECE, Dick Winters RECE


Standards of Practice Committee

The Standards of Practice Committee advises the Council of the College on the development of a code of ethics and standards of practice for members of the College, that demonstrate a respect for diversity and a sensitivity to the multicultural character of the Province, and a consultation process in connection with the code of ethics and standards of practice for members of the College.

Elected Members: Julie Cyr RECE, Lindsey Dann RECE, Millicent (Millie) Forbes RECE, Paul Jackson RECE, Ela Smith RECE, Teresa Sulowski RECE

Public Members: Garry Bates, Shernett Martin

Non-Council Committee Members:  Nathalie Daoust RECE, Taylor Jenkins RECE


F​inance & Audit Committee

The committee assists Council fulfill its duty to oversee the College's financial position, practices, financial controls and reporting, as well as risk management.

Elected Members: Kristine Parsons RECE, Ela Smith RECE

Public Members​:  Adesua Ezeokafor, Barney Savage