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College Unveils New Practice Guideline on Dual Relationships

Oct 17, 2017

Dual relationships can pose a challenge for registered early childhood educators (RECEs) because in addition to a professional relationship, they have one or more relationships with a child, the child’s family, a colleague or a supervisee. To help navigate this practice issue, the College recently released its Practice Guideline on Dual Relationships.

The new practice guideline, part of the College’s ongoing work to support its members’ understanding and application of the Code and Standards, provides a framework for addressing and managing dual relationships. Filled with practical information based on real situations, RECEs can use the guideline to identify, assess and manage these relationships – or avoid them altogether – in their practice.

“The question of dual relationships is the #1 practice inquiry the College receives,” said Melanie Dixon, Director of Professional Practice at the College of Early Childhood Educators. “As a regulator of the profession, we’re committed to developing relevant and practical guidelines that help RECEs meet the ethical and professional standards that govern the profession; the release of the dual relationships practice guideline is an example of that commitment in action.”

Learn more about dual relationships and how to avoid or manage them, by downloading your free practice guide here.

The College has numerous resources available including, the Practice Guideline: Supporting Positive Interactions with Children, professional advisories, case studies, and discussion guides. Visit the College’s Resources page for more information.