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Recognizing resource teachers through membership

Oct 18, 2016

By Julia Lipman Baker

Since August 2015, resource teachers (RE) who meet the registration requirements of the Order in terms of studies and training and who work in the field of practice of the profession are required to ” be members of the Order. Among these educational requirements, it is necessary to have a diploma in early childhood education or other approved educational credential.
by the Order.

REs support inclusion practices and develop programs tailored to children with different abilities. They work directly with families and various child care and health professionals. REs work primarily as outside counselors, but they may also be employed by licensed educational centers and agencies offering licensed home child care services.

“The obligation to register with the College makes resource teachers accountable,” says Rosario Dizon, RECE and chair of the Early Childhood Resource Teacher Network of Ontario (ECRTNO). “It requires us to be involved in lifelong learning on a daily basis. “

REs are professionals who, prior to the revision of the Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007, were exempt from
the obligation to be members of the Order. From now on, people who meet the Order’s registration requirements for education and training and those working in the field of practice of the profession are required to become members. These may include: REs, early childhood educator assistants, and home child care providers.

Ms. Dizon specifies that she is delighted to see REs recognized as professionals with responsibilities to the public, and that this is one of the many professional development opportunities offered to this group of early childhood educators. specialized in the field.

“Our role as a RE is growing. We work in childcare programs, but also in assistance programs for
families and recreation centers, ”she emphasizes. “We want to educate people about the importance of inclusion and how we can change these programs and do what is necessary to accommodate and include all children. Part of our role is therefore to strengthen the capacity of early childhood educators.
childhood to do it. “

ECRTNO is a professional body which, for 30 years, has provided support to resource teachers and created networks.
It provides professional development opportunities for its members and is working with the Government of Ontario on the development
programs and tools for children with different abilities.

RECEs can earn a post-graduation certificate in ECE – Special Education Techniques focused on building interdisciplinary professional teams, building partnerships and working with families to support children with special needs. The prerequisite for admission to the program is now to hold an early childhood education diploma.