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If you have any questions about the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice or any inquiries related to the practice of registered early childhood educators, please contact the Professional Practice Department at

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 Code of Ethics and Standards of​ Practice​


The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice communicate the scope and nature of the early childhood education profession. These standards convey certain expectations for which it is reasonable to hold members of the profession accountable. 

They also express a common set of ideals and aspirations for members of the College, regardless of the early childhood education setting in which they may practise.

The Code of Ethics reflects a core set of beliefs and values of care, respect, trust and integrity. These beliefs and values are fundamental to members of the profession and guide their conduct.

The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and the related legislation of the College of Early Childhood Educators articulate the kn​​owledge, skills and ethical values to which RECEs are held accountable. They are also designed to assist and direct RECEs in their practice, decision-making and ​professional conduct.

The College provides the following information and resources to assist members, employers and the public to gain a better understanding of the ethical and professional responsibilities of the profession and support RECEs ​in engaging in their continuous professional learning responsibilities.​

Case Studies​

The College is pleased to publish case studies describing real experiences in the professional practice of early childhood educators. These cases were written by registered members of the College. 

Case Study 1: Sarah’s Confusing Behaviour

Case Study 2: Accepting the Consequences

Case Study 4: No Qualified Staff 

Case Study 5: Denton's Birt​hday Cupcakes​​

Case Study 6: In the Best Interest of the Children

Case Study 7: New Kid on the Block

Case Study 8: New Responsibilities and Challenges

Case Study 9: Valuing Inclusivity and Privacy

Case Study 10: Balancing Supervisory Responsibilities

Case Study 11: Once We Were Friends


The case studies may be used by members as a source for reflection and dialogue about the practice of early childhood educators within the framework of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice​. The cases highlight the dilemmas and emotional tension associated with professional decision-making and action. Analyzing a case encourages College members to examine problem-focused issues from a variety of perspectives and to explore the implications of a range of decision-making options or solutions.


Members are encouraged to read and discuss cases as a shared professional learning experience with colleagues and as a way to gain an enhanced understanding of their practice and their broader professional community. The College encourages digital or hard copy reproduction of these publications providing full acknowledgement is given.

We welcome your questions and feedback! Please contact the College at for more information or to share your thoughts with us.


The College has developed new vignettes to encourage RECEs to reflect on various practice issues related to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Similar to case studies, vignettes highlight dilemmas associated with professional decision-making and action and may be used as a professional learning resource. 

Practice Matters​

Practice Matters features questions regarding the College and the early childhood education profession. Director of Professional Practice, Melanie Dixon RECE, addresses issues that members face and applies the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to various situations.
Do you have a professional practice question? E-mail for more information.

Fall '15: Child development

Spring/Summer '15: Expectations of new RECEs​

Winter '15: Conflicting views

Fall '14: No-Smoking policy

Spring/Summer '14: Establishing boundaries between professional and personal relationships

Fall '13: Using social media‬

Fall '12: Professional development and dual relationships


* The College of Early Childhood Educators provides information and communication in an accessible manner when requested. If you require an accessible format and/or communication support, please contact a College staff member or the College at 1-888-961-8558/​​​​​