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Darlene Edgar RECE Elected Council President

Jun 20, 2017

At its meeting of June 14, 2017, the Council of the College of Early Childhood Educators elected its President, Darlene Edgar RECE.

Darlene (Ward # 7 – Hamilton / Niagara Region) was elected to Council in 2009 and served as Vice-Chair of Council since June 2011. She has also served on the Enrollment Appeal Committee and the Complaints Committee. .

As the Director of Children’s Services for the Niagara Region, Darlene is responsible for the management of child care systems and related services in Niagara, Ontario. Previously, she worked in educational centers, home childcare services and early childhood development centers in Ontario.

“It’s a very exciting time to be an early childhood educator right now,” says Darlene, “because we have a new Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to guide us in our practices and the professional learning program. to support us in our constant improvement process. I am honored to serve as President and to work with our registered members, staff and partners in the public interest. “

Darlene will serve as chair of the board for one year. She succeeds Lois Mahon RECE, who was elected president of the Order’s first council in 2009. Ms. Mahon just completed her last term last month.

The members of the executive committee also elected on June 14, 2017 are as follows:

Vice-President : Stacey Lepine RECE

Elected Members : Nici Cole RECE, Dick Winters RECE

Members of the public : Ann Robichaud-Gagné, Nerene Virgin

To learn more about the Council of the Order, visit ord-epe.ca/conseil.