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College Takes Action Against Unauthorized Use of “RECE” Title

Aug 24, 2016

Julia Lipman Baker

​The College protects the public by ensuring that individuals do not represent themselves as registered, accountable early childhood educators when they are not, in fact, members in good standing of the College.

 In 2015, the College received information that Tania Theresa Mariotti had been representing herself as a registered early childhood educator (RECE). On July 8, 2016, the College obtained an injunction against Ms. Mariotti to prevent her from continuing to do so. 

 Ms. Mariotti had obtained a diploma in early childhood education in 2007. Even though she was not a member of the College, the College believes that, in 2014, Ms. Mariotti began misrepresenting herself as an RECE with her employer and with the Ministry of Education in order to support her application to be an RECE supervisor at a child care. 

 The Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007 prohibits anyone from representing themselves as being members of the College when they are not. That is why no one other than a member of the College can use the titles “registered early childhood educator” or “early childhood educator”, and  their abbreviations as well as their French equivalents.