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Priorités stratégiques 2015-2018

Juin 23, 2015

In April 2015, Council members held a workshop to determine the College’s strategic priorities for the next three years. They deliberated with the help of facilitator Sue Hunter RECE while taking into account the ideas and opinions that resulted from 19 roundtable sessions involving members and stakeholders and survey input from almost 2,000 members.

At the end of the session, Council members came to a consensus that the following strategic priorities will guide their energies and funding priorities until 2018.

  1. Enhance the College’s relationships with government and other policy makers. This will be very important as the College works to finalize the continuous professional learning regulation and develop its new accreditation authorities.

  2. Review and update the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and develop related documents in the context of the new Continuous Professional Learning program. The second Leadership Pilot project and forthcoming symposium on leadership will be key activities under this theme.
  3. Develop and implement an information technology strategy to support the College’s regulatory mandate. A major initiative will be building on our three-year IT transformation plan and providing online membership renewal.
  4. Develop member services that build on a deep knowledge of the membership’s diversity. College members work in diverse cultural, linguistic and workplace settings. We will commit to getting to know our members better in order to understand the support they need as accountable professionals.
  5. Build and enhance the profile of the College. We will build on external relations achievements to ensure that members, stakeholders, employers and parents are aware of our regulatory mandate and have confidence in our ability to protect the public interest in a fair and timely way.

The next step will be for College staff to develop individual key activities that will implement our strategic priorities. We will keep you posted on our progress.