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Suspension and Resignation FAQs

My membership was suspended / resigned for less than three years. How do I reinstate?

In order to be a member in good standing again, you  must complete and submit a pdf iconRequest for Membership Reinstatement Form  and pay the applicable fee.

For more information, please see our Reinstatement Guide.
My membership was revoked / cancelled / resigned for more than three years. How do I become a member of the College again?

In order to have your membership in good standing again, you must complete and submit a pdf iconGeneral Application Form, along with the required documents outlined in the form.

For more information on completing an application form, please see the Application Guide, which will also provide details on how to submit supporting documents to the College.

I am no longer working as an early childhood educator. How do I resign my membership?

If you wish to resign your membership because you are leaving the profession, you must complete and submit a pdf iconRequest for Resignation Form.