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Election FAQs

Serving on Council

What is the Council and what does it do?

The College of Early Childhood Educators is governed by a 24-member Council. The Council comprises 14 members elected by members of the College and 10 members appointed by the Ontario government. The Council develops and approves policies regulating early childhood educators in Ontario.

Why is it important for members to serve on Council?

Serving on Council is an opportunity for Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) to play an important role in the self-regulation of their profession. Council members develop a greater understanding of governance, help establish the College’s professional standards and uphold its regulatory mandate. Members also share their professional experience, gain new leadership skills and connect with RECEs across the province.

What is the time commitment for Council members?

Each term runs for three years and Council members commit approximately 10 to 20 days per year for Council and Committee meeting attendance. Time commitments may vary depending on the requirements of the Committee’s mandate. Council and Committee meetings occur during traditional business hours, on weekdays at the College in Toronto.

When will I assume my responsibilities if I am elected?

Council members elected in April will assume their responsibilities at the first Council meeting after the election in June.

Will I be paid?

Elected Council members receive an honorarium intended to recognize their participation and voluntary public service and to partially off-set the cost of their contribution to the profession of early childhood education. The per diem rate is currently around $150, depending on the length of the meeting. Elected Council members are also reimbursed for reasonable and related travel, accommodation and meal expenses.

Do I need to speak English to serve on Council?

Council members must have a good understanding of the English language and should be able to communicate in this medium. All meetings and documents are in English. Many committees, however, include bilingual members and staff who can assist with French when needed.

Should I speak to my employer before putting my name forward for the election?

Yes. While the role of Council member is not a full-time position, it does require your commitment to attend Council and Committee meetings, which occur during traditional business hours. Serving as a Council member can be an opportunity for personal and professional development.

Running for Election

Can I run if I am a member in good standing but I am not currently working?

Yes. If you are not currently working in the profession, you can still be nominated in the electoral district where you live if you meet the eligibility criteria.

How do I run?

When the nomination period opens in December, the College will post the nomination form on its website and inform members via email.
To run for election:
1. Verify that you meet the requirements and note the important dates.
2. Review the Pre-Election Preparation Module.
3. Ensure you have completed the Nomination Form correctly and submit it to the College prior to the deadline

How do I find out which electoral district I’m in?

If you are practising the profession in Ontario, your electoral district is where you principally practise. If you are not practising the profession or practising outside Ontario, your electoral district is where you principally reside.

Check the complete list of electoral districts and their geographic areas.

What are the eligibility requirements to run for election to College Council?

You must meet all of the requirements below to stand for election to Council:

  • You hold a Certificate of Registration in the College of Early Childhood Educators.
  • You are nominated in the Electoral District in which you principally practise the profession or, if you are not practising the profession or not practising the profession in Ontario, you principally reside in the Electoral District for which you are nominated.
  • You have paid all of your College fees.
  • Neither the Discipline Committee nor the Fitness to Practice Committee has made a finding of professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity against you in the past three years.
  • You are not the subject of any disciplinary or incapacity proceeding.
  • Your Certificate of Registration has not been revoked or suspended as a result of a finding of professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity in the past six years.
  • Your Certificate of Registration is not subject to any term, condition, or limitation arising from a professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity matter.
  • You are not, and have not been in the past 12 months, an employee, director or other member of the board of directors, governing council or other governing body, or officer, of: Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario, the Association francophone à l’éducation des services à l’enfance de l’Ontario or other professional association involving early childhood educators; or Association of Day Care Operators of Ontario, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care or other organization that has, as its mandate or a significant portion of its activities, advocacy about matters relevant to child care or early learning.*
  • You are not an employee, or member of the executive, of any collective bargaining unit representing early childhood educators.*

* The underlying policy with respect to the requirements is to avoid a member of Council having, or being perceived to have a conflict of interest.

How will I know if my nomination is approved?

The College will notify all nominees mid-March, following the review and confirmation of eligibility by the Election Committee.

Voting in the Election

Why should I vote?

Voting is your opportunity to help choose the people who oversee the regulation of the profession. Council members play an active role in making decisions that shape what RECEs do, every day. Their work to regulate early childhood educators in the public interest supports the provision of high quality education and care for Ontario’s children.

Can I choose to vote in either my business or my home district?

No. If you are practising as an early childhood educator in Ontario, your Electoral District is determined by where you are principally practising the profession (employment location) at least 60 days prior to the election. If you are not practising the profession or are not practising the profession in Ontario, your Electoral District is determined by where you principally reside at least 60 days prior to the election.

Will I automatically be sent information about voting?

Yes. If you are in a district that is up for election and a College member in good standing, you will receive the election materials via email.

Why did the College move to online voting?

The College moved to online voting to uphold its ongoing commitment to confidentiality, security of information and efficiency. The secure voting portal allows members to cast their ballot anywhere from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Can I vote without an email address?

No. Members must have a valid email address in order to vote. Please use your personal email address rather than a shared or work email. If you need accommodation, please contact the College at election@college-ece.ca or 416 961- 8558 or toll-free at 1 888 961-8558 (select option 5 to reach the Office of the Registrar).

How can I add or update my email address?

You can update your email address by contacting the College at election@college-ece.ca or calling 416 961-8558 or toll-free 1 888 961-8558 (select option 5 to reach the Office of the Registrar).

Can I vote if I don't have a computer?

Yes. You can use any computer, tablet or mobile phone to cast your secure vote. For example, this could be a computer at a friend or family member’s house. Most local libraries also provide computer access.

Is my electronic vote secure?

Yes. We partner with a trusted third party company that specializes in high security, online elections. This ensures that the votes are administered securely and confidentially.

Who do I contact if I have election-related questions?

For elections or College Council questions, please contact us at: 
Email: election@college-ece.ca 
Phone: 416-961-8558 or toll-free 1-888-961-8558 (select option 5 to reach the Office of the Registrar).