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One-Year CPL Portfolio Cycle

Developing a CPL Portfolio is optional during the year you are completing the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program. You are required to begin this CPL Portfolio Cycle in the year following completion of the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program. To find out when you begin the One-Year CPL Portfolio Cycle, check the Timeline Chart.

If you have questions, please contact cpl@college-ece.ca

The One-Year CPL Portfolio Cycle is a one-year portfolio process where RECEs reflect on their practice, develop one professional learning goal, and plan, engage in and document their professional learning activities.

The One-Year CPL Portfolio Cycle includes two required components:

    1. Reflection and Planning Tool
    2. Record of Professional Learning

Download the CPL Portfolio Components in PDF or Word formats below.

CPL Portfolio Handbook

The CPL Portfolio Cycle Handbook is an instructional guidebook to help RECEs complete the required components of the CPL Portfolio 2022.

When it’s time to start your first CPL portfolio cycle, you will receive an email communication from the College around your renewal month with an invitation to request a hardcopy of the Handbook to be mailed to you.


Supporting Resources

To help members complete their CPL Portfolio 2022, the College has developed a variety of resources as highlighted below.

CPL Portfolio 2022 Examples

Examples of One-Year CPL Portfolios are under development and will be available later this summer. Each example will show how RECEs, in a variety of roles and with a range of experience, could complete their CPL Portfolio 2022.

CPL Portfolio 2022 examples include a completed:

  • Reflection and Planning Tool
  • Record of Professional Learning

Here’s our first fictional example:

Mariska, RECE in Child Care, Toddler Program