Practice Guideline on Communication and Collaboration

Practice Guideline - Communication and Collaboration

Recognizing the importance of developing open, responsive and respectful relationships with families and colleagues, this resource is designed to help you reflect on and strengthen your approaches to communication and collaboration. 

​​Use this guideline to help you learn about:

  • the importance of communication and collaboration for developing meaningful and responsive relationships;

  • elements of effective communication and using technology to communicate with families, colleagues and others in your community of practice;

  • strategies to support effective communication and collaboration with families, including how to best have challenging conversations;

  • strategies to strengthen communication with colleagues, including conflict resolution;

  • ways to collaborate with community partners and other professionals.


Guideline content

​​​PG - CC - Section 1

Section 1 – the importance of communication and collaboration

Learn about the elements of effective communication, how to demonstrate professionalism and leadership in this area and how technology can enhance your efforts.

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​​​PG - CC - Section 2

Section 2 – communication and collaboration with families

Find out how you can develop strong partnerships, use technology effectively to connect and how to approach challenging conversations. 

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​​​PG - CC - Section 3

Section 3 – communication and collaboration with colleagues (coming early November)

Learn how you can work together to provide the best for the children in your professional care. This section includes information on how you can use critical reflection, address communication challenges and resolve sources of conflict.

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​​​PG - CC - Section 4

Section 4 – communication and collaboration with community partners (coming early November)

Discover the importance of collaborating with community partners and other professionals in order to support improved care and programming for children and families.

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