Continuous Professional Learning Program Requirements

​​Notice of Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Program Requirements​

        The notice of CPL Program Requirements describes:

        • the current requirements of the CPL program
        • the rules respecting the timelines
        • the order and the frequency for completing the requirements
        • the records that members must keep
        • the consequences of non-compliance with the CPL program​​


​​If, due to extenuating circumstances, you are unable to meet the CPL program requirements for your current membership year, you may request a deferral. Members should submit requests for deferrals, along with relevant supporting documentation, as soon as extenuating circumstances arise. In order for a request for deferral to be granted, you must demonstrate that your extenuating circumstances significantly affect your ability to comply with the CPL program.​

​​​​CPL Homepage​

Information for new​​​​ members.​

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Step One: Expectations for Practice Module

Information to help you get started on Step One of the CPL Program.​​

Step Two: CPL Portfolio Cycle​

Information on completing the CPL Portfolio Cycle and the three portfolio components.​​

CPL Start Dates​

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​​CPL Resources​​​​

Resources to help you with ​​the CPL program.​​​

Frequently Asked Questions​

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​​Information for Employers

Frequently Asked Questions - Employers​​​

Employer Bulletin: Mandatory Continuo​us Professional Learning Program for Registered Early Childhood Educators​