Requirement 2: Paying the Annual Membership Fee

​​​The second requirement for renewal is to submit payment of the full annual membership fee by the renewal due date.

Important: You must pay the annual membership fee in full. If the fee is not paid in full, or if the College is not able to successfully process your payment (e.g., insufficient funds, credit card expiry, etc.) by your renewal due date, your membership renewal will be considered late. There are consequences for not renewing on time, such as paying an additional late fee and having your Certificate of Registration suspended.

The Membership Renewal Form categorizes payment methods into three groups. Review Section 3: Membership Fees of the Membership Renewal Form to determine which method you would like to use to pay the fee.

Click on a payment method below to see instructions for how to make the payment. The College does not accept payment by cash.

  • Yes, an employer can submit a single payment for several staff. The employer should submit to the College a list of the names and registration numbers for the staff covered by the single payment.
  • Individual members are still responsible for:
    • Ensuring payment is received by the member’s renewal due date, and
    • Submitting a completed Membership Renewal Form, with supporting documents as applicable, by their renewal due date
  • If the employer pays a member’s membership fee after the member’s renewal due date, the late penalty fee will apply. If these circumstances relate to multiple members covered by the bulk payment, the late fee will be applied to each of those members.
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