Step 2: CPL Portfolio Cycle

The CPL Portfolio Cycle is a two-year professional learning process that members will repeat throughout their careers. ​​​​

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This video will guide you through the process of completing your Continuous Professional Learning Portfolio Cycle. ​

​​​**Effective April 2020 to March 2022, all members have the option to defer compliance with their CPL program requirements for one membership year due to COVID-19. The option to defer compliance is available upon annual renewal. Members may only select this deferral option once. **

CPL Portfolio Handbook​​

CPL Handbook 
The CPL Portfolio Cycle Handbook is an instructional guidebook to support RECEs in completing the required components of the CPL Portfolio. Members who are starting their CPL Portfolio Cycle for the first time can receive a hardcopy of the Handbook. When it’s time to start your first CPL portfolio cycle, you will receive an email communication from the College around your renewal month with an invitation to request a hardcopy of the Handbook to be mailed to you. 

A hardcopy of the CPL Portfolio Handbook is not required in order to begin the portfolio process. The Handbook and required portfolio components are available to download on this webpage. 

The three required components are:
• Self-Assessment Tool
• Professional Learning Plan
• Record of Professional Learning.

Printed copies of the CPL Portfolio Handbook are available for $5.00 plus shipping. To order copies, please complete this order form.  
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Required Components 

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Important information to read before beginning your CPL portfolio

CPL Portfolio Cycle: Required Steps​​​

 Year 1 Required Steps 
Year 2 Required Steps 
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More Information 

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