Step Two: CPL Portfolio Cycle


The CPL Portfolio Cycle is a two-year professional learning process that members will repeat throughout their careers. ​​​

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This video will guide you through the process of completing your Continuous Professional Learning Portfolio Cycle. ​​​


CPL Portfolio Components ​


Important Information Before you Begin​

It is highly recommended, but not required, that RECEs refer to the handbook when completing the necessary portfolio components. 

CPL Portfolio Handbook


The CPL Portfolio Handbook is an instructional guidebook to support RECEs in completing the required components of the CPL Portfolio. The portfolio components are included at the back of the handbook.

All renewing RECEs will be mailed a copy of the CPL Portfolio Cycle Handbook  during their membership renewal month for the year that they are required to begin the portfolio process. However, if members do not receive a CPL Portfolio Cycle Handbook in​ the mail during their renewal month, they are still required to begin the portfolio process by accessing the portfolio components on the website.
The required portfolio components include:

  • ​Self-Assessment Tool 
  • Professional Learning Plan
  • Record of Professional Learning ​
If you do not receive the CPL Portfolio Cycle Handbook in the mail during the month in which you are required to start, please contact the Professional Practice Department.               

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Receiving Copies of CPL Portfolio Handbook

All RECEs are mailed a copy of the CPL Portfolio Handbook​ in the month that they renew for CPL Portfolio Cycle: Year One.

You can also download for free a copy of the document here.

Printed copies of the publication are available for $5.00 plus shipping. To order copies, please complete this order form.​

CPL Portfolio Cycle: Requirements​

This graphic illustrates the required activities for each year in the two-year CPL Portfolio Cycle. This information is also shared in the Notice of CPL Program Requirements.

​​​CPL Portfolio Cycle

Portfolio Cycle: Year One

  1. Complete the Self-Assessment Tool
  2. Complete the Professional Learning Plan
  3. Engage in planned activities
  4. Track progress, collect evidence and ​document learning on the Record of Professional Learning 
  5. Declare that you have completed Year One on your membership renewal form​

Portfolio Cycle: Year Two
  1. Review and update the ProfessionalLearning Plan, if needed
  2. Continue to engage in learning activities
  3. Continue to track progress, collect evidence and document learning on the Record of Professional Learning 
  4. Reflect on activities, goals and learning
  5. Declare that you have completed Year Two on your membership renewal form​​


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