Information for new members

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Continuous Professional Learning for RECEs involves two steps:

  1. New members in their first year of membership with th​e College and current members who returned to the College or renewed after September 1, 2016, are required to complete the Expectations for Practice Module 2016 before their first renewal. 
  2. After completing the Expectations for Practice module, all members are required to begin Step Two: CPL Portfolio Cycle in their next membership year. 

    The CPL Portfolio Cycle requirements include:
    • Self-Assessment Tool
    • Professional Learning Plan
    • Record of Professional Learning. 

For further information:​​

CPL Program Home​page​​

Step One: Expectations for Practice Module

Information to help you get started on Step One of the CPL Program.

Step Two: CPL Portfolio Cycle​

Information on completing the CPL Portfolio Cycle and the three portfolio components.​

CPL Start Dates​

Look up your CPL start dates.

C​PL Resources​​​​

Resources to help you with ​​the CPL program.​​​

​Frequently Asked Questions​

Find answers to the most common questions about CPL.​

Meeting the CPL Program Requirements​

Learn  more about program requirements, timelines, requests for deferrals and the consequences of non-compliance. ​

​Information for Employers

Frequently Asked Questions - Employers​​​

Employer Bulletin: Mandatory Continuo​us Professional Learning Program for Registered Early Childhood Educators​

​​* The College of Early Childhood Educators provides information and communication in an accessible manner when requested. If you require an accessible format and/or communication support, please contact a College staff member or the College at 1-888-961-8558/​​​​​