What Happens After You Submit Your Change of Information Package

​​When the College receives your Change of Information Form, and supporting documents (if applicable), the College will:

1.    Review your Change of Information Form

  • Sections 1 and 6 of the form are mandatory in all circumstances.

  • Sections 2, 3, 4, and/or 5 are to be completed as applicable for your circumstances.

  • If any one or more parts of the form are not completed in full as required for your circumstances, the College will follow-up with you with the expectation that you provide the missing information.  The College will not continue with updating your file with the changes until the Change of Information Form is complete.

2.    Determine if supporting documents are required from you and verify that they have also been submitted

  • If supporting documents are required in your circumstances, and you do not submit them, or you submit them but they are missing information, the College will follow-up with you to request that the supporting documents be provided. The College will not continue with updating your file with the changes until it receives all of the necessary supporting documents.

3.    Update your file at the College

  • The College will also follow-up with you, if and as needed, regarding the information you provide in the form and/or in supporting documents.

The process for changing information ends once all of the above steps are complete. The College does not contact members when the process is complete.

How long is the processing time for changes of information?

  • Processing times will vary depending on the nature of the updates to be made and the time of year at which you notify the College. There are certain periods of the year when the College has high volumes of new applications and renewals to process. Processing times may be longer during these peak periods of activity.

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