Submitting the Change of Information Package

To submit your change of information package:

1.    Review your Change of Information Form to ensure that it is complete and accurate.

  • Sections 1 and 6 of the form are mandatory in all circumstances. The College cannot proceed with updating your file without these sections completed in full.

2.    Gather supporting documents, if applicable for your circumstances.

3.    Send your completed Change of Information Form, along with supporting documents as applicable, to the College by e-mail or mail. The College does not accept notification of changes of information by telephone.

  • Mail:       College of Early Childhood Educators

                        438 University Avenue, Suite 1900
                        Toronto, ON  M5G 2K8

Are you submitting your change of information package by e-mail?

If yes, note that:

  • You will receive an automatic reply to your e-mail. If you receive the automatic reply, it means that the College received your e-mail. If you do not receive the automatic reply within 24 hours, check your “junk mail” folder. If the automatic reply is not in your “junk mail” folder, re-send your e-mail or contact the College.

Are you submitting your change of information package by mail?

If yes, note that:

  • Postal and courier delivery times vary. Members are responsible for ensuring that their change of information package reaches the College in a timely manner.

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