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​​1. How can employers support RECEs in their completion of the CPL program requirements?

Employers can support RECEs by understanding the program framework and the required steps, such as the Expectations for Practice Module 2016 and the CPL Portfolio Cycle. To review the CPL program in detail, visit the CPL page of the College website 

Employers might also consider ways to assist RECEs in their journey of ongoing learning, such as supporting RECEs to meet as a group to complete the Expectations for Practice Module 2016 or to discuss their CPL Portfolios.

Through the performance management process, employers may collaborate with RECEs to develop goals that are mutually beneficial, both to the RECEs as professionals and to the employer.

2. What are the advantages of this program for employers?

Continuous professional learning ensures RECEs remain current in their professional knowledge, skills and values and helps build and develop professional competence. Employers in the early learning and child care sector who provide opportunities for ongoing learning to RECEs understand that these initiatives support engaged and knowledgeable staff.

Ongoing learning empowers RECEs to successfully communicate their scope of practice, skills and values to other professionals and the children, families and communities they serve. This supports the creation of safe, healthy and stimulating environments for children and enhances the overall quality of the programs and services offered.

Workplace opportunities for continuous professional learning can attract employees who are both committed to their role in the workplace and to their profession as a whole.


3. I provide professional development opportunities to staff. Will RECEs be able to use these opportunities to meet their CPL program requirements?

We know that many employers are committed to ongoing professional learning, and many provide learning opportunities to their staff on a regular basis. The CPL Portfolio was developed with this in mind and provides a framework that complements and formalizes the ongoing professional learning activities many RECEs already do with the support of employers.

In many cases, RECEs will be able to use the learning opportunities available through their employer or in their community to fulfill their CPL Portfolio requirements.

4. What does continuous professional learning mean?

​​The College defines continuous professional learning as the systematic and intentional maintenance, enhancement and expansion of the knowledge, skills and ethical values and behaviours necessary to ensure ongoing quality professional practice throughout a member's career.   

5. Why are RECEs required to engage in the College's CPL program?

Ontario Regulation 359/15: Continuous Professional Learning, made under the Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007, requires all RECEs to fulfill the requirements of the College's CPL program. This legal obligation is also embedded in the ethical and professional standards of the profession. Standard IV: Professionalism and Leadership C.1, in the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, states that RECEs "engage in critical reflection, collaborative inquiry and demonstrate their commitment to ongoing learning by engaging in the Continuous Professional Learning program."

The program requirements described in the Continuous Professional Learning Regulation are outlined in the College's Notice of Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Program Requirements document. All RECEs are required to review the Notice of CPL Program Requirements.

6. What is the College's CPL program for RECEs?

The College's CPL program is a framework and formal process to help RECEs increase their knowledge and skills and ensure quality professional practice throughout their careers. Engaging in the CPL program communicates to employers, families and the public that RECEs are members of a distinct profession that values ongoing professional learning.

The CPL program includes the following required steps:

  1. Step One: Expectations for Practice Module 2016
  2. Step Two: CPL Portfolio Cycle – Year One and Year Two

Step One: Expectations for Practice Module 2016 is a one-time requirement for all RECEs. Step Two: CPL Portfolio Cycle Year One and Year Two must be repeated every two-years throughout an RECEs career.

The Notice of CPL Program Requirements describes the timelines for participation, record keeping requirements and consequences of non-compliance with the CPL program.

More information about the steps, components and resources are also available on the website.

Take a look at the chart below learn about the required steps. 

7. When do RECEs have to begin the CPL program?

Engaging in the CPL program is based on every member's membership renewal date with the College.

New members of the College are required to complete Step One: Expectations for Practice Module 2016 in the first year of their membership with the College.

Renewing members:

  • Must complete Step One: Expectations for Practice in the year following their renewal date on or after September 1, 2016.
  • Must complete Year One of the CPL Portfolio Cycle in the year following their renewal date on or after September 1, 2017.

All members are required to complete Year One of the CPL Portfolio Cycle in the year after they have completed the Expectations for Practice Module 2016.

Check out the CPL ​Start Dates chart on the website to find out when an RECE begins.  

Review the Notice of CPL Program Requirements  for information on the requirements and the steps of the program.

8. How long will it take RECEs to complete the CPL program requirements?

The first step of the program, the Expectations for Practice Module 2016, is an online module and will take about 1.5 hours to complete and is available free of charge on the College website. RECEs may start and stop this module as many times as they like.

The second step of the program, the CPL Portfolio Cycle, runs in two-year repeating cycles. The portfolio process is self-directed and every member will complete the components, engage in professional learning activities and document their learning at their own pace.

To support RECEs in planning their time over the course of the two-year cycle, refer to the recommended monthly timelines below.

9. Do RECEs have to submit or share their CPL program records with employers?

RECEs are not required to submit or share their CPL program records with their employer. RECEs may choose to keep their CPL program records confidential.

However, in cases where RECEs are supported by their employers to participate in the CPL program, sharing of the CPL program records may be agreed upon by the employer and the employee.

CPL Portfolios may provide a focus for employee performance management discussions or be integrated into processes and assist in planning professional learning experiences for staff. 

10. Are employers responsible for ensuring staff are complying with the CPL Program requirements?

RECEs have an individual professional responsibility to participate in the CPL program. Employers are not responsible for ensuring that their employees are in compliance with the CPL program requirements.

11. Will RECEs be penalized if they do not to participate?

Yes. The CPL program is mandatory for all members of the College. New and renewing members are required to participate in the CPL program. Members who do not comply could have their Certificate of Registration suspended by the Registrar of the College for non-compliance with the CPL program.

For more information on compliance with the CPL program, review the Notice of CPL Program Requirements​.   

12. Where can I find out more information about the CPL program, the requirements and resources for RECEs?

The College website provides the most current and up-to-date information about the CPL program and resources to support your participation. 

Please check out the website here.​​

You can also contact the Professional Practice Department by email at or by telephone at 1 888 961-8558 ext.803 for more information. 

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