​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Professional Advisories
Image of Professional Advisory resource
Two Professional Advisories for RECEs that communicate important legal requirements all members of the College must know and understand.

Protected Titles and Designations (2017)​

Duty to ​Report (201​​9)​​​​

Practice Guidelines
Image of the Practice Guideline Inclusion​ 
Communicates expectations of RECEs as outlined in the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and highlights how those expectations may be applied in practice. 

Practice Note​s​
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Provides a brief overview of important topics directly related to the practice of early childhood education and offers ​supporting information to enhance ​understanding of them.

Case Studies and Scenarios
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Describes real experiences in the professional practice of early childhood educators and are written by registered
members of the College.

All case studies and scenarios (beginning 2014 with regular additions) can be found here

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In 2018 the College launched a monthly e-mail version of Connexions for members. Articles are also available at​.​
Annual Report
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Interprofessional Collaboration
Image of the Interprofessional Collaboration resource
This joint resource was developed as a result of a collaborative research project involving both the Ontario College of Teachers and the College of Early Childhood Educators.
This resource helps to bring the ethical standards and standards of practice for both professions to life as educators work together to support early learning.
Leadership Pilot Project Reports
Employer Newsletters and Bulletins Thumbnail of Employer Bulletin

Emp​lo​ye​r N​ewsletters

Resource and Reflection Guide
Image of the Resource and Reflection Guide
A guide to help RECEs understand the importance of the duty to report.


Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

What do you know about your RECE?
Employer Reporting Obligations
Regulated Profession ​​Poster thumbnail: Did you know that early childhood education is a regulated profession?



Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007

Education Act

Child and Family Services Act

Child Care and Early Years Act

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Children and Youth Services

Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario

Association francophone à l'éducation des services à l'enfance de l’Ontario

Affiliated Services for Children and Youth

Best Start Resource Centre

Canadian Child Care Federation

Child Development Resource Connection Peel

Child Care Human Resources Sector Council

Early Childhood Community Development Centre