Understanding the Process for the Individual Assessment of Educational Qualifications

​​This page:

  • describes the process for the individual assessment of educational qualifications,
  • outlines the requirements and criteria that are used in the assessment process, and
  • identifies the supporting documents that must be submitted in order for the College to conduct an individual assessment of an applicant's educational qualifications.

​​​​​​​The assessment process has two phases. All requirements under Phase 1 must be met in order to proceed to Phase 2.

  • Phase 1 – Minimum requirements
    • The purpose of Phase 1 is to:
      • determine if you meet the minimum criteria for the education requirement for registration (described below), and
      • assess whether you meet the other requirements for registration.
  • Phase 2 – Assessment requirements
    • The purpose of Phase 2 is to assess your educational qualifications to determine if your diploma or degree program, or the combination of your diploma or degree program and work experience, meet the education requirement for registration.

The assessment process is summarized in the chart below.