Requirement 3: Paying the Application and Registration Fees

​​The third requirement under Application Pathway 1 is to submit payment of the application and registration fees.

Important: In order for the College to open an application file for you, you must submit a completed General Application Form and full payment of the application and registration fees. You must complete each section in full. The College will return forms that are not completely full and/or if payment is not included.

​Fees vary depending on your registration history with the College. For a list of the application and registration fees, see this page.

The General Application Form categorizes payment methods into two groups. Review 'Section 4: Application and Registration Fees'​​ of the General Application Form to determine which method you would like to use to pay the fees.

Click on a payment method below to see instructions for how to make the payment. The College does not accept payment by cash.