If you are an early childhood education student from an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology (OCAAT) or an Approved Post-Secondary Program, you do not have to wait until graduation in order to apply for membership to the College of Early Childhood Educators. See below for the list of OCAATs or approved post-secondary programs.

When to Apply

You may begin the application process in your final semester of an approved program. Beginning the application process prior to graduation will save time when you have completed your program and are ready to become a practising early childhood educator.

The following application documents apply to you:

Application Guide – Standard

Application Form  for graduates of OCAATs and approved post secondary programs in Early Childhood Education

How to Apply

Once you have read the Application Guide and Application Form, fill out the entire form. Mail your required documentation, payment and the original signed copy of your Application Form to the College. The College will acknowledge receipt of your application and begin to process it.

Your Transcript

When you have completed all your required courses, request that an official transcript be mailed from your post-secondary institution directly to the College. Please ensure that your transcript indicates successful program completion in early childhood education.

The College will only accept transcripts mailed directly to our office from your educational institution. Once the College receives your transcript, it will be matched up with your application. If the College has received all the required documents, the registration process will begin.

Approved Early Childhood Education Programs

* The College of Early Childhood Educators provides information and communication in an accessible manner when requested. If you require an accessible format and/or communication support, please contact a College staff member or the College at 1-888-961-8558/