Staff Directory

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Office of the Registrar

Registrar and CEO
Beth Deazeley

​Project Manager and Executive Coordinator
Heidi Barnett​ ​​​

Executive Assistant to Council
Carmen Petitclerc (B)


Professional Regulation

Director of Professional Regulation
Marc Spector

Manager, Professional Conduct
Pa​uline Walters

Vered Beylin 

Prosecutions Clerk
Maria Serafini​​​​​
(Acting) Manager, Professional Conduct  
Kimberly Williams

Decision Writer
Ron Ahluwalia​

Jené Gordon, RECE (B)​​

Ryan Sequeira

Tatiana Arellano

(Acting) Team Lead, Investigator ​​​
Tina Vlahos-Bachoumis

Dana Mandel 

Intake Administrator
Amir Abdel Malek (B)

(Acting) Hearings Coordinator
Tara Noel, RECE

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Corporate Services Department

Chief Operating Officer
Russ Harrington   

Manager, Human Resources 
Michelle Katzin

Business Req​uirements Analyst & Project Manager
Bilal Qureshi​​​

​Systems Administrator

Deepan Jayaratnam

Help Desk & Office Administrator
Warren Savage

Financial Analyst
Marc Uger


Professional Practice Department

Director, Professional Practice
Melanie Dixon, RECE (B)

Professional Practice Coordinator​
Leslieann McLean-Bruno, RECE

Professional Practice Analyst
Melinda Bruce, RECE

Professional Practice Analyst
Meredith Farley, RECE​​

Compliance Officer
Christina Da Silva, RECE

Compliance Officer
Jennifer Ramoutar-Ali

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Communications & Stakeholder Relations​

Manager, Communications & Stakeholder Relations
Julia Lipman Baker

Coordinator, Communications & Stakeholder Relations
Jennifer Perenchio (B)

Coordinator, Communications & Stakeholder Relations​
Morwenna Marwah

Coordinator, Communications & Stakeholder Relations​
Meagan Foreman

Coordinator, Communications & Stakeholder Relations​
Marina Bulgakova (on leave)

Coordinator, Communications & Stakeholder Relations​
Amanda Welch-Hobin (on leave)​

​Graphic Designer
Giuliana Tarini

Translator and Reviewer
Céline Destras-Seytres (B)

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Registration Department​

Director, Registration
Cynthia Abel, RECE

Acting Manager, Registration
Mary Young​

Manager, Registration 
Cathy Pappas ​

Policy Analyst
Emily Zbieranowski

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The designation (B) indicates a staff member who communicates in French and English.

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