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Distinguishing between the titles in the early learning and child care sector

Aug 11, 2016

Several names and acronyms are used in the early learning and child care industry. Do you know what they mean and do you know when to use them?

Three titles often overlap: Early Childhood Educator (ECE), Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) and Educator or designated early childhood educator (EPED). The first two apply to all registered early childhood educators in Ontario, but the third refers to a job title used in the context of full-time kindergarten and kindergarten.

The titles of Early Childhood Educator and Registered Early Childhood Educator are protected titles and used in Ontario by registered members of the College of Early Childhood Educators. They are both protected, and the people who use them must be registered with the Order. They can be used both to denote someone’s occupation, and assigned by an employer as a job title.

A Designated Early Childhood Educator is a job title that appears in the Education Act . This is a professional role for early childhood educators who work full-time Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms with an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT). Under the Education Act , the general rule is that only persons registered with the Order can occupy these positions.

The acronym RECE stands for a professional designation assuring the public that the person bearing this title meets the standards applicable to members registered with the Order. The name reflects, on the one hand, the protected nature of the field of practice of the profession of early childhood educator, which consists of setting up and providing children with inclusive learning programs. and play-oriented child care, which should also be used by all members of the Order, whether or not they work directly with children and their families.