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Wall Certificate of Registration FAQs

When will I receive my Wall Certificate of Registration?
All new members will receive a Wall Certificate of Registration in their new member package. The package will be mailed to the preferred address indicated on your application. Packages are sent quarterly.
Can I use my Wall Certificate as proof of registration?

No. Current registration status is available on the public register.
Please be aware that, in order to keep your registration current, you must renew annually during the anniversary month of your registration.

Do I get a Wall Certificate every year upon renewal?
No. The College only issues one Wall Certificate of Registration to each member.
What is the date of my registration?
The date of registration is the date you became a member of the College. It is also known as the certificate issue date or your anniversary month for renewal. Every year, this is the month in which your membership renewal must be completed.
I did not receive my Wall Certificate of Registration. Can you send me another one?

Please contact the College to confirm that your Wall Certificate has been issued: registration@college-ece.ca

What should I do if there's an error on my Wall Certificate of Registration?

Please notify us so we can address your concern. Email us at registration@college-ece.ca.