CPL Program


The College's Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) program complements and formalizes the ongoing professional learning many RECEs do every day. The program will support you in meeting your ethical and professional responsibilities to engage in ongoing learning and provide a high standard of care and education to the children and families in your community. The CPL program encourages your professional growth and leadership development regardless of your work environment and employment roles.  

Participating in the CPL program communicates to employers, families and the public that you are current in your knowledge, skills and practice and that you are a member of a distinct profession that values ongoing professional learning.  

Participation in the CPL program is mandatory for all members of the College.

"I think continuous professional learning allows me to be in a constant state of becoming, meaning that … the early childhood educator that I am today is different from the one I am going to be tomorrow." - Silvia Souto RECE


Notice of CPL Program Requirements Document

This notice describes:

  • the current requirements of the CPL program
  • the rules respecting the timelines
  • the order and the frequency for completing the requirements
  • the records that members must keep
  • the consequences of non-compliance with the CPL program

Find out when to start CPL

Step One: Expectations for Practic​e Module

Step Two: CPL Portfolio Cycle

Overview of the CPL program

CPL involves two steps:

1) In the first year of participating in mandatory CPL, members will complete the online Expectations for Practice Module 2016.

2) Upon renewal the following year, members begin the two-year Portfolio Cycle by completing a Self-Assessment, creating a Professional Learning Plan and tracking their learning and applications to practice in their Record of Professional Learning. Members will start a new Portfolio Cycle after two years.

The below chart provides an overview of the CPL program. 

Links to o​ther CPL Resources

CPL Myths and Facts

Employer Bulletin: Mandatory Continuo​us Professional Learning Program for Registered Early Childhood Educators


CPL Options Web

The below chart outlines different examples of learning activities. Members can use this chart as a helpful guide when completing the Portfolio Cycle.



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